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909 12th Street  #118,  Sacramento, CA 95814
PH (916) 448-7157   (call for office hours)

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Speaker Bureaus

Speaker Bureaus

Sacramento Area Peace Action Speakers Bureau

Sacramento Area Peace Action provides speakers and videos to high schools, colleges, churches, service & social organizations, and other groups on a range of foreign policy issues.  Subjects include: the "war on terrorism", 9-11, civil liberties, the invasion and occupation of Iraq, Palestine/Israel, U.S. militarism in the Middle East, the funding of Colombia's military, "Star Wars, "the School of the Americas, military spending, U.S. involvement in Central America, the sanctions against Cuba, the media's coverage of U.S. foreign interventions, globalization (sweatshops, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, etc.) and other topics.

To arrange for a speaker, contact the office, 916 448-7157 or

Other Sacramento Area Peace & Justice Speakers Bureaus

California Common Cause
Topics: Campaign finance, ethics, media reforms, redistricting, and how to lobby your representative. Contact: 916-443-1792 ext. 11; (National website: (Updated 11-2006)

Lambda Center
Topics: rights for and information about gay, lesbian, transsexual and transgendered people. Contact: 916 442-0185 (Updated 11-2006)

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Topics:  Immigrants rights, voting rights, access to justice, education, employment, and public resource equity. Contact: 916 443-7531;  (National website:> (Updated 11-2006)

Physicians for Social Responsibility
Topics: Health effects of war; public health perspectives on f irearm-related deaths and injuries; nuclear first-strike weapons and policy; alternatives to a renewed nuclear arms race; history of nuclear weapons development and treaties,  international criminal court; single payer health insurance; medical ethics of physician involvement in the death penalty. Contact: 916-955-6333; or (Updated 11-2006)

Sacramento Housing Alliance
Topics: Need for affordable housing. Types of affordable housing. breaking down stereotypes regarding affordable housing. How to become involved in advocacy efforts to preserve and expand the supply of affordable housing for low-income households. Contact: 916 442-1198 (Updated 11-2006)

Sacramento Mutual Housing Association
Topics: Need for affordable housing. income-housing cost gap; mutual housing as an alternative tenure option for low-income households. stereotypes regarding the homeless and low-income renters; how the economic system sets young people, poor people, and immigrants up for economic failure; financial literacy; and economic empowerment. Contact: 916 453-8400 ext. 21 or (Updated 11-2006)