Sacramento-Yolo Peace Action
Sacramento Area Peace Action

909 12th Street  #118,  Sacramento, CA 95814
PH (916) 448-7157   FAX (916) 448-7159   (call for office hours)

Be Visible for Peace
Wear the “Want Peace” t-shirt:
Suggested dontation: $10 if you come into the office. By mail $14, (to cover mailing costs) send check to: SAPA, 909 12 th St, #118 , Sacramento , CA 95814

We want a country, not an empire.

It's time to change U.S. foreign policy.

Bring all the troops & bases home.


Want Peace?

Don't invade.

Don't occupy.

Don't fund war.

Sizes: M, L, XL and XXL; Colors: red & black (other colors in limited supply - contact the office for more info).